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  • Example Alice in wonderland creative writing prompts

    Welcome back to school, kids! In only a couple of short weeks—maybe sooner—you’ll really need to get back to your preferred late-night hobby: writing papers. I struggled with.

    Circles and other shapes that are geometric the illustrations by Yayoi Kusama. How exactly does this subscribe to her writings Include reference to passages that are specific possible.

    The past group of pictures is from a book that is pop-up Robert Sabuda. What alices the 3-D art offer than 2-D doesn’t, in terms of Alice in Wonderland? The direct quote from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein makes a hell of a lot more wonderland in that light. Continue reading »

  • Use our guide to the transcription apps that are best and services to locate an automated transcription.

    Tools for Freewriting and Collaborative Writing

    BlindWrite (Web)

    Best free writing software for freewriting

    There is an old adage in the writing world: Write drunk, edit sober. The point? Some of the best writing happens when your brain is unhindered and free of distraction.

    In that spirit, BlindWrite forces you to create blind and edit… not blind. The app’s interface is a straightforward white-on-black text editor that asks you what you want to create about as well as what amount of minutes. Continue reading »