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  • It is a stat that gets bounced around as e-mail-forward knowledge: men think of intercourse every seven seconds.

    And exactly why the true figures do not make a difference

    “The Thinker” in the Rodin Museum in Paris. flickr/Joe deSousa

    Even if the theory lacks this specificity that is mythical grandiosity (that is 7,200 times every day!), the concept that males think of sex fundamentally on a regular basis is extensive. And thus, you’ll be able to attach a myriad of bogus data towards the feeling that guys are sex-crazed pigs.

    However the real wide range of times that guys think of sex per day is certainly not clear-cut in clinical research. There’s absolutely no technology that is perfect taps into a person’s sexy mind waves.

    Exactly exactly What scientists do is show up with clever methods for asking individuals whatever they’re considering. They call it “experience sampling.” Therefore, in a present study, Ohio State University scientists offered people a clicker and had been expected going to certainly one of three buttons about it—sex, food, sleep—every time the idea of one particular things arrived in your thoughts. Their research revealed that the man that is average 19 thoughts about intercourse in one day.

    However the design of this research may have affected the frequency count, writes intellectual scientist Tom Stafford in a unique line at BBC Future. They think about something, you might very well increase the frequency of their thoughts about that thing if you tell people to try to notice every time. (Researchers call this the “white bear issue.”)

    Other researchers—who utilize different sampling methods—get various outcomes. Continue reading »

  • Seattle filmmaker ‘completely surprised’ by success of their $2,000 documentary

    Seattle filmmaker and Wes that is performer Hurley a hit in the SXSW Film Festival with a movie memoir of growing up homosexual in Russia, “Little Potato.”

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    They said that he had won, Wes Hurley couldn’t move when they called his name, when. He simply stared.

    For the reason that minute, he had been yet again the tiny child — the “little potato,” as their mom called him — viewing a film in the television. Transfixed. Frozen. Disbelieving.

    And today, here he had been, winning the Grand Jury Award for Documentary brief for their film, “Little Potato,” last week during the Southern By Southwest movie Festival.

    “I happened to be entirely surprised,” Hurley said last week, chatting from a vehicle home that is traveling Seattle through Texas. (He’s afraid of flying.)

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    “I happened to be taking a look at my partner like, ‘What’s going on?’ and I also got on phase and I also don’t keep in mind the things I stated anymore,” he proceeded. “And we called my mother and I also started crying.”

    Needless to say he did. That they had come thus far.

    “Little Potato” informs the storyline of Hurley’s very early life in Russia. Exactly how he noticed he had been gay at an early age. exactly How he escaped the turbulence of Perestroika — and his very own emotions of isolation and confusion — by viewing pirated films that are american. And exactly how his mom, Elena Bridges, became a bride that is mail-order arrive at America and save yourself them both.

    As soon as right here, their life took more wondering twists (we won’t inform you the closing), until they both found joy, together as well as on their.

    “We made a film regarding how films change our everyday lives,” Hurley said, “It’s a strange group.”

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